Here is Our Story......

Eat Fresh and Shop Local

We are here to make your local shopping easy!

We work with hand-picked independent shops to bring you the very best food and drink of Edinburgh. Every product we sell comes directly from small independent businesses who are experts at what they do.

Shopping local is better, But why?

When it comes to food, small is better; just try some freshly baked bread from Bakery Andante, freshly caught Sea Bass from Armstrong's of Stockbridge, or 60 day matured Fillet steak from Shaw Fine Meats.

Products sold in supermarkets need a long shelf life, to be mass-produced and to survive being transported long distances. That means the products they sell are often less fresh, heavily processed, and contain hidden additives and preservatives. 


So many benefits to shopping locally.....

Supporting the local economy

Supporting independent shops is good for everyone; the small producers who supply them, the local people and services they employ, and anyone who wants more than supermarkets and fast food outlets in their neighbourhood.

It's easier then going to the supermarket! 

We bring together butchers, bakers and fishmongers (and many more shop types!), making it easy to shop locally in a way that fits with our busy lives. Our website and convenient one-hour slots allow you to buy from lots of brilliant small shops in one go, make one payment and have everything delivered together